Sangkee Noodle House

Vegetable 素菜

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(Served with White or Brown Rice)

Menu Price
Sauteed Tomato and Egg 9.50 蕃茄炒蛋
Ma Po Tofu (w. Minced Pork) 10.00 麻婆豆腐
Sauteed String Beans w. Minced Pork and Dry Minced Shrimp
11.00 干煸四季豆
Oriental Eggplant or String Beans in Garlic Sauce 11.00 魚香茄子
Sautéed Snow Pea Leaves with Roasted Garlic 15.00 香蒜豆苗
*Vegetarian General Tao’s Chicken 13.00 素左雞
Sautéed or Steamed Mixed Vegetables 10.00 炒/水煮什菜
Sautéed Baby Bok Choy w. Minced Garlic 11.00 蒜茸小白菜
*Stewed Tofu & Veg. in Thai Coconut Curry Broth 11.00 豆付什菜咖喱煲
Baby Bok Choy with Tofu and Shitake Mushrooms
13.00 冬菇豆腐扒白菜
Sauteed Napa with Bacon Bits 12.00 煙肉大白菜

* Indicates Spicy Dish.


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