Sangkee Noodle House

Small Dishes 小點

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Menu Price
Steamed Shanghai Juice Buns (8) 7.00 小籠包
Steamed Chinese Greens w. Oyster Sauce 6.50 油菜
Crispy Coconut Shrimp (4) with Mango Sauce
7.00 椰子蝦
Crispy Flounder Fillet w. Honey Coated Walnut 7.50 核桃龍利球
Sliced Roasted Pork 7.50 叉燒
Grilled Lemon Grass Chicken 7.50 香茅燒雞
Hong Kong Roasted Duck (1/4) 8.50 燒鴨 (1/4)
Crispy Garlic Chicken Wings (4) 6.00 炸雞翼
*Sliced Ox Tongue and Tripe with Chili Sauce (Cold) 11.00 麻辣夫妻肺片
Steamed Char Sui Bao (3) 5.25 蒸叉燒包
Roasted Duck & Roasted Pork Combo 13.00 叉鴨雙拼


*Indicates Spicy Dish.


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